Widow Reunited With Late Husband's WWII Jacket After It Was Discovered Several States Away

"To think that someone cared enough to want to get this jacket back to his family, that touched my heart," said Norma Prescott, 83.

A World War II jacket was returned to its rightful owners after the coat was discovered several states away.

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Kathy Bold, of St. Louis, Missouri, kept her father's World War II jacket in storage, but it resurfaced around Veterans Day.

When she inspected the coat, she was shocked to find it bore the name of another man, "D. Prescott."

"I was really disappointed when I first saw it, and it wasn't my dad's," Bold said in an interview with WINK.

But, after a bit of research at the National Records Administration, Bold was able to return the jacket to Norma Prescott, 81, the widow of its original owner, Dewey Prescott.

"I thought, 'How could someone have his jacket?'" Prescott, of Fort Myers, Florida, said in an interview with WKMG."I thought it was a scam, because as far as I knew, my husband had never been in that state."

Sure enough, Bold flew out Tuesday to personally hand off the jacket to Prescott over coffee.

"To think that someone cared enough to want to get this jacket back to his family, that touched my heart," Prescott said.

Prescott's late husband died in 2010 at 83.

He served in both the Army and the Navy during World War II before getting his high school diploma in 1944. He then went on to work as a mechanic.

"We had a lot of good times together. He always said, 'Once someone is gone, they're gone and you're supposed to live,' and that's what I try to do," Prescott said. "I know that the two grandsons are really excited about the jacket because they really love their papa. I've got 60 years of memories, so I don't need a coat, but they might like to have it."

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Also found in the jacket was the name "R. McDonald." Researchers believe he may have owned the jacket prior to Prescott's husband. The jacket was likely then passed on to Bold's father.

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