Husband of 'Supermom' Jogger Speaks Out, as Experts Suggest She Was Taken by Cult or Sex Traffickers

Keith Papini said his wife was "bound" and "had a chain around her waist."

The husband of kidnapped jogger Sherri Papini is giving his first TV interview since her abductors released her on Thanksgiving morning after three weeks of captivity

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Keith Papini told ABC’s 20/20 in a special airing Friday that his wife was “bound, she had a chain around her waist, a bag over her head. Her left hand was in the vehicle chained to something, so she wouldn’t run away. She was chained anytime she was in the vehicle.”

When his 34-year-old wife was released, he said her captors “[opened] the door, cut something to free her restraint and kind of pushed her out of the vehicle. She has no idea where she's at and then ran to the freeway.”

But the nightmare wasn't over as no one would stop to help her.

“She screamed so much she was coughing up blood from the screaming, trying to get someone to stop,” he said. “She thought, well maybe people aren't stopping cause ‘I have a chain around my waist, I looked like I escaped from prison,’ so she tucked the chain into her clothing.

More details about the wife’s kidnappers are also coming to the surface.

Suspect No. 1 was the younger of the two suspects. She had long curly hair, a thick accent, pierced ears and thin eyebrows.

Suspect No. 2 was older, had straight black hair with some greying and thick eyebrows.

Former FBI profiler Brad Garrett told ABC that the woman known to her Northern California community as “Supermom” may have been abducted by a cult.

“You cut their hair, you beat them you you're really talking about behavior of what a cult or an extremist group would use to break somebody down,” he said.

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Private investigator Bill Garcia, who worked with the Papinis when she went missing, told NBC it could have been sex traffickers.

“I suspect the type of injuries Sherri suffered, the beatings, the cut hair, especially the chains and the branding — indicates it was one of the sex trafficking [groups],” he said.

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