$2020 Tip Challenge Has Crossed Over Into 2021, Helping Out Struggling Restaurant Industry

Miami Squeeze Instagram
Miami Squeeze Instagram

Stars like Harry Styles and Donnie Wahlberg participated in the 2020 challenge.

As part as an effort to pass on kindness in 2020, people started participating in the “2020 Tip Challenge,” and giving $2,020 at restaurants. Now, the challenge has spilled into 2021, with people continuing the trend.

Stars like Harry Styles and Donnie Wahlberg participated in the 2020 challenge, and because it’s been a tough year for the dining industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have kept the trend going. It’s now being called the  “2021 Just Be Nice Challenge.”

A restaurant in Florida, Miami Squeeze, posted on Instagram about being the recipient of a generous $2021 tip.

A diner left the generous tip on her $71.84 bill with a note saying, "Happy New Year!!! Always love coming here.”

“We can’t even begin to express how thankful and humble we are for our amazing customers who have kept us in business. Even though we are just a small juice bar we really pride ourselves in taking care of our guest, we’re not just in the food business we’re in the people business,” the establishment wrote on their Instagram.

The Miami business isn’t the only one benefiting from the challenge, it’s been happening all across the U.S. In Colorado, a family of three left a $2021 on their bill as well, Vail Daily reported.

"They left $1,100 for the kitchen, and $900 for the front of the house," Vin48 co-owner Collin Baugh told Vail Daily. "And they wrote, 'Great vibe and great service. Happy New Year!'"