Couple Spends Honeymoon 'Under the Sea' in Submerged Room

These newlyweds spent their honeymoon surrounded by fish.

couple decided to spend their first night as husband and wife sleeping in a room under the Indian Ocean — and according to them, it all went swimmingly.

Anders Palm and Caroline Leifland, who live in London, have been inseparable ever since meeting in the city seven years ago, and have traveled across Europe together. So they knew their honeymoon would be an adventure.

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After debating where to soak up the sun, the newlyweds came across the Manta Resorts' "Underwater Room" on a tiny island called Pemba in Tanzania.

"We knew we wanted to go far away where it’s warm and to experience safari," Leifland told "Once we saw this, we said, 'this is perfect.'"

After the wedding, the couple took a five-minute boat ride to their own private island.

The house has three stories. One floor is a lounge that's perfect for enjoying a glass of champagne, wine or beer. The other is the sun deck with a huge bed to tan or gaze at the stars. The bottom floor is a submerged bedroom that gives guests a 360-degree view of marine life.

“It was difficult to fall asleep because there were so many wonderful things to look at," Leifland said. "It really feels like being inside an aquarium.”

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The “Underwater Room” is about 820 feet from the shore and about 13 feet below the surface, but Caroline said she felt completely safe. Staff pay visits to check on guests, who also have a phone on the island.

“It was home away from home. [It was] the most unique experience I have ever done,” said Leifland.

The "Underwater Room" comes with an eye-popping price tag of $1,500 per night. Log on to Manta’s website to learn more.

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