4 Victims of Oakland Warehouse Fire Identified As Death Toll Rises to 30

The space reportedly didn't have a permit to function as a party place.

The Oakland fire department is still searching the warehouse where a massive fire, that claimed the lives of at least 30 people, broke out Friday night.

The department has reportedly searched 80 percent of the charred building. Authorities are now asking families with missing loved ones to preserve DNA samples as a way of confirming the identities of those who died.

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“We will be here for days and days to come,” said Sgt. Ray Kelly of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

The fire has now surpassed the 1991 Oakland Hills fire, which killed 25, to become the deadliest fire in the city in recent history.

“It appears that people either made it out or they didn’t make it out," Kelly said in a news conference. 

On Sunday, authorities named four of the victims who were trapped in the two-story building which reportedly had no sprinkler system.

Pete Wadsworth, Barrett Clark, Nex Iuguolo and Travis Hough were among the many others who died inside of the building, which was being used as a space for an electronic party.

“A lot of these people are young people,” Sergeant Kelly said. “They are from all parts of our community.”

A friend of one of the victims posted about his friend on Facebook, "Just heard my friend Barrett Clark died in the Oakland fire, there were so many friends and Oakland community either living there and at that party," he wrote. 

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According to the NY Times, the structure had a permit to function as a warehouse but not as a residence for a party.

Officials also reportedly said they are investigating whether the warehouse was also being used as a living space.

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