Man Records Facebook Live Video Going More Than 100 Mph Before Crashing

He was reportedly driving with a suspended license.

A Rhode Island Man recorded himself on Facebook live speeding through traffic at speeds reaching 100-114 mph before crashing.

Police said 20-year-old Onasi Olio-Rojas crashed into a garbage truck and a concrete barrier on Route 6 in Providence on Wednesday.

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On a video posted to his Facebook page, Olio-Rojas can be seen dangerously weaving through cars on the highway as he blasts music.

“He has his camera in his right hand, videotaping himself as he’s driving, has no seatbelt on, he starts to hit speeds of 90 miles an hour which increases to 100 miles an hour, then you see several erratic lane changes where he goes from the high-speed lane to the low-speed lane, into the breakdown lane, in and out of traffic,” Providence Capt. John Allen told WPRI

Olio-Rojas was taken to the hospital after he totaled the Honda he was driving.

Police said he will be charged with reckless and driving with a suspended license, among a host of other traffic violations once he awakes.

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“Mr. Rojas just has a blatant disregard for anyone else on the road,” said Allen.

Police also said that they plan to use the Facebook video as evidence against Olio-Rojas in court and have asked Facebook for an official copy.

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