Inside the Shocking and Painful Final Days of Iconic DJ Casey Kasem: 'Tortuous, Inhumane and Wrong'

Daughter Kerri Kasem has filed a wrongful death suit against her father's wife Jean.

Two-and-a-half years after the death of Casey Kasem, a new documentary claims to recreate the final days of the iconic DJ.

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The Reelz Channel’s Autopsy: The Last Hours of Casey Kasem, which will air December 10, depicts the 82-year-old legend as malnourished and in severe pain after his second wife, Jean, removed him from his nursing home.

His daughter, Kerri, watching portions of the upcoming documentary with Inside Edition, said: "What my dad went through was tortuous, inhumane and wrong.”

In the documentary, the family's private investigator Logan Clarke alleges Jean didn't know how to care for the former American Top 40 host.

"The machine that they had, the feeding machine, ran out of food; now they can’t feed him," he said in the film. 

Kerri said her father's condition deteriorated immediately.

“Right before taken out of the facility, he sat up, he asked how we were, and he said ‘I love you’,” Kerri told Inside Edition. “When I found him again, he could barely talk, he was delusional, he was moaning and groaning.”

Kerri and Jean have a long history of run-ins.

The former Cheers actress allegedly refused to let the DJ see his children when he was still living in his Beverly Hills estate.

Kerri even held a protest outside her father's home.

“She was neglecting him, she wouldn't come see him, the housekeeper was taking care of him, he had no physical therapy," Kerri told Inside Edition. "It was ridiculous — she had moved her boyfriend into the house.”

She added: “Emotionally and physically, what my dad's wife put him though was just evil.”

After Jean moved Casey out of the nursing home, Kerri says she found her father at a private residence outside Seattle, and another ugly showdown with her father's wife ensued.

“She came charging at me screaming at me, calling me name, telling me I will never see my dad and that he's not a pawn,” Kerri recalled.

The confrontation also turned bizarre, as Jean was caught on video throwing hamburger meat at her stepdaughter. Kerri went to court and was able to get her dad transported to a local hospital.

He died days later, surrounded by his kids. Jean was not present.

“When he passed away, he was surrounded by love,” Kerri said.

Casey was buried in an unmarked grave in the Oslo Western Civil Cemetery in Oslo, Norway, against his children's wishes.

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"My dad has never been to Norway, I have never been to Norway," Kerri said. "His show wasn't played in Norway and she has him in an unmarked grave. That was her last hurrah.”

Since her husband’s death, Jean has not been at the Beverly Hills estate she shared with him for decades. In a sworn declaration, Jean said she's no longer living in California and has no plans to come back.

Kerri has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jean. In the past, Jean claimed she moved her husband to protect his privacy and accused his children of not acting in his best interests.

Casey was said to be worth $80 million at the time of his death, but no one knows what has happened to his money.

“There are so many debts on the house," Kerri Kasem said. "There are so many people [Jean] hasn't paid."

Kerri has started an organization to combat elder abuse, The Kasem Cares Foundation.

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