Zoo Announces Orangutan is Pregnant... And Registered at Target for Baby Shower Gifts

Some of the items on the list include "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown, Adele's hit album, "25," and "Fantasy," a fragrance by Britney Spears.

Registering at Target is a no-brainer for any expectant mother — especially Mei, a pregnant orangutan living at a Texas zoo.

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When the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco announced orangutan Mei's pregnancy last week, they also announced her extensive baby shower registry at the retail giant.

On the list are obvious goods like blankets and bowls, as well as less conventional items like the director's cut of Space Jam on DVD; Fantasy, a Britney Spears body fragrance; and Dolly Parton's "Pure & Simple" on CD.

"They're enrichment items," explained Duane McGregor, the zoo's spokesperson. "They're intended for both the adult [orangutans] and the baby, to be shared among all of them."

Because orangutans share 97 percent DNA with humans, the zoo's program curator Terri Cox explained, "They're taken care of much like a human baby."

The zoo has requested "Goodnight Moon," by Margaret Wise Brown and "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear," by Bill Martin Jr., anticipating the baby to come will love books as much as Mei and the father, KJ.

"They like to look at picture books," Cox told InsideEdition.com. "And they're generally pretty gentle with them."

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Sometimes the zoo will even hide treats like oatmeal or raisins between the pages of old phone books for the orangutans to flip through as stimulation.

Also included in the registry is a collection of Glade aerosol air fresheners that will help keep the animals' sense of smell heightened.

"We can spray different areas in their exhibit and it gets their attention," Cox explained. The scents help the animals practice their stalking behavior, emulating urine often found in the wild.

The same goes with music CDs on the list, including Adele's "25", Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits," she said. "We have stereos to play different music for the animals. Some react differently to music."

Many items on the registry have already been purchased, and McGregor said the zoo plans on sending thank you notes orangutan parents Mei and KJ drew themselves to everyone who purchased a gift, or will send a monetary donation to their December 18 baby shower

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Cox explained that while the gifts will be a needed donation to the zoo, she hopes the popularity surrounding the gift registry and the baby shower will help raise awareness to the critically endangered species and draw attention to the importance of orangutan births in captivity. 

Mei is due January 24 and the sex of her baby will be announced at birth.

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