Mickey Rooney Accuses Stepson of Elder Abuse

Mickey Rooney testified before a Senate committee on aging, saying he's been a victim of elder abuse at the hands of his own stepson. INSIDE EDITION has the story.  

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney plays a real-life role he hoped he'd never have to play.

90-year-old Rooney bravely testified before a Senate committee on aging, claiming he is a victim of elder abuse.

"My daily life became unbearable. When a man feels helpless it's terrible. I was helpless. My monetary thing called money was stolen from me, by someone close," Rooney said in court.

Rooney says he's been abused both emotionally and financially by his stepson, Chris Aber. He alleged that Aber:

  • Kept him a prisoner in his own home
  • Denied him food and medicine
  • Took his passport and other identification
  • Is responsible for $400,000 in missing funds

Aber, the son of Rooney's eighth wife, Jan, denies all the allegations.

Rooney appeared in nearly 400 movies during his long career. But this is certainly the saddest role the Hollywood legend has played.