Secret Santa Surprises Grieving Mother With Headstone for Daughter She Lost 3 Years Ago

This mom got a Christmas miracle.

A grieving Idaho mother has received a Christmas miracle from a Secret Santa.

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Annette Lott lost her oldest daughter, Camie, three years ago in a tragic car accident, and she and her husband, Jeff, have been struggling to afford a tombstone to memorialize their child.

Thanks to a contest organized by, a Secret Santa asked the news outlet to give away $100,000 to deserving people in the area. When the outlet discovered the story of Annette Lott, they made a surprise house call.

When a reporter from came to her door, the mother was emotional talking about Camie. Annette was given a small box that contained a receipt for a headstone; the mother was driven to tears over the gesture.

Annette is said to be a “mom to everyone” in her Firth community, she and her husband work long, hard hours to make ends meet.

Annette told the reporter that she and her husband deliver small flowers and trees to the late 22-year-old’s grave as often as they can.

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Prior to a March 2013 family trip, Camie was on her way home from college where she was getting her master’s degree in massage therapy when her car rolled over and she perished in the accident.

Her obituary described the young lady as a “beautiful and friendly person beloved by all.” She is survived by her parents and five siblings.

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