Y'all Reddi for This? Whipped Cream Shortage Likely After Explosion Shuts Down Factory

Your holiday dessert might be without the sweet, creamy topping this year.

Reddi-wip is about as much a part of the holiday season as gingerbread cookies, but a nationwide shortage on the popular topping could stymie your dessert.

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Some supermarket shelves that usually feature the product are empty across America, with many customers seeing signs that say: "All canned whip toppings will be in short supply this season!"

The shortage stems from an explosion at a Florida plant producing nitrous oxide, the gas that sprays Reddi-wip out of the can. The Pensacola blast left one worker dead and resulted in a shutdown of the factory.

But if you're clamoring for that creamy treat with your holiday dessert, there's another option — make it yourself!

Stephen Collucci, a pastry chef at Cookshop in New York, showed Inside Edition how to concoct your own whip cream topping for dessert.

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“You need heavy cream, sugar and a little vanilla and you can spice it up by adding nutmeg or brandy,” he said.

Just whip everything together in a bowl and you a perfectly good substitute for Reddi-wip.

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