Parents Arrested After Their 10-Week-Old Baby Tests Positive for Meth and Other Drugs

Child Protective Services were called to the hospital.

Two parents are facing child endangerment charges after their infant tested positive for drugs, according to reports.

Tabitha Shannon, 18, and Roy Beauchamp, 21, were arrested after Child Protective Services became suspicious when the couple brought the 10-week-old baby to the hospital with bruises on his face and arms.

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The bruising was reportedly in a pattern "not consistent" with Shannon’s account of how the child was injured.

Shannon told a Weatherford detective that she took care of the baby full-time and that Beauchamp never watched the boy alone, according to the Dallas News.

CPS officials removed the infant from the custody of his parent and collected hair follicles, which tested positive for meth, amphetamines and marijuana, according to court documents.

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Beauchamp’s mother and grandmother reportedly told police Beauchamp was kicked out of their homes in October and after he left they found homemade bongs used to smoke marijuana.

The couple is charged with endangering a child.

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