Terrified 11-Year-Old Calls 911 as Home Is Burglarized: 'Help Please! I Need Help!'

Ashley Bermudez, 11, was trying to be very quiet when she called 911 to report strange men were in her house.

She was truly frightened, but 11-year-old Ashley Bermudez mustered enough courage to call 911 as burglars ransacked her house while she was home alone, authorities said.

“Hello, please, I need help! I need help! I need help!” The Florida girl whispered into the phone. “They’re breaking into my house, please come really quick.”

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The child stayed on the phone with 911 dispatchers for 10 minutes as Orange County Sheriff’s deputies searched for her house Tuesday afternoon.

Ashley didn’t know her street address and could only describe her two-story tract house as “beige.”

Her mother was at the store when Ashley heard someone break a downstairs window.

She first called her mom, who told her to call 911.

“Please help! They’re coming!” the girl can be heard telling the operator.

Ashley said she could hear voices and people moving around, going from room to room.

The dispatcher is heard on the 911 tape telling the child to lock herself in her bedroom and to hide in the closet.

Ashley tells the operator there is a purple Kia parked in her family’s driveway, and that it doesn’t belong to her parents.

While she whispers to the dispatcher, suddenly there is a crashing noise as her bedroom door is kicked in.

“Oh no, please!” the girl cries. “I won’t say anything! I promise you!”

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She then tells the dispatcher that several men had entered her room and then took off running when she screamed. They were in the Kia, speeding away, she said.

Deputies ultimately found the car after it slammed into a truck and its occupants fled on foot, authorities said.

The driver, Ramon Franklin, 18, was injured and treated at a hospital and arrested. Two juveniles, ages 14 and 16, were also arrested. The three were charged with burglary and grand theft.

Inside the Kia was an estimated $13,000 worth of Christmas presents and a 70-inch TV, GoPro cameras, and an iPad Mini, authorities said.

The girl was not harmed and her family is expected to get their presents back sometime Thursday, authorities said.

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