Alligator Spotted Floating Peacefully in Pond Filled With Manatees

The alligator was even seen playing with a manatee's satellite tag.

Only in Florida do manatees and alligators live in harmony.

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An alligator was spotted swimming peacefully in a pond filled with manatees at the Blue Spring State Park in Orange City.

According to the Save the Manatee Club, which posted the footage on their Facebook page, manatees are often spotted playing with each other's satellite tags — a harmless device that allows researchers to track the mammals' movements.

This time, it was an alligator joining in on the manatees' fun.

Last year, visitors to the Blue Spring State Park even spotted an alligator hitching a ride on a manatee's back.

"I did a double take when I saw it," said Dana Menk, whose photo was posted to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission's Facebook page. "The gator was swimming directly above the manatee and her calf for 20 or so yards."

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Menk said she didn't think the two animals were touching, and both seemed to be co-existing, oblivious to the other's presence.

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