Bride Marries by Hospital Bedside After Mother Battling Cancer is Given Just Weeks to Live

Although it was not the wedding Kristin Owens, 33, had originally planned, "I was afraid she wouldn't be able to be with me. This really was a gift."

Hospital weddings can be a somber event, but for this Indiana bride, the big day was everything she had hoped for, from the flowers to the catering to her most important guest.

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When Cheryl Owens, of Indianapolis, was told her stage 4 kidney cancer was taking a turn for the worse, nurses and hospital staff rallied to organize a wedding so she could be part of her daughter's big day.

"I found out my mom was dying that morning, and by that evening, I was getting married," said bride Kristin Owens, 33.

Kristin told that she had originally planned to wed her best friend of 12 years, Brian Powers, 36, on February 4.

After months of treatment, Cheryl Owens, 55, was moved to comfort care at the Indiana University Health in Avon on Tuesday.

When Kristin asked the doctor if her mother will still be able to be a part of her wedding, "he gave me that look, and I knew.

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"It's been in the back of my mind for a while, how I was going to be able to share my day with [my mom] with her not being able to be there medically," she said. "I know all mothers and daughters have a special bond, but I'm probably a little more biased when I say ours is much more unique."

She informed the hospital she would be interested in a hospital wedding that morning, and by evening, Kristin was exchanging vows with her now-husband by her mom's bedside.

"I honestly thought it would be a small, somber occasion in a room around her bed," Kristin said. "[My mom] actually wasn't happy about that."

But, the bride and groom, along with their 50 guests, were shocked to see flowers, decorations, catering, music, and even the pastor they had originally booked.

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"[My mom] was coherent. She was in good spirits," Kristin said. "She was able to enjoy it. When she realized it was going to be an actual celebration, she allowed herself to take it all in."

She added: "I was afraid she wouldn't be able to be with me. This really was a gift."

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