Woman Carries Life-Sized Cardboard Cutout of Barack Obama Everywhere She Goes

"I take [him] with me whenever I can. He actually folds up so it's very travel friendly," said Ximena Larkin, of Chicago.

It appears this Illinois woman can't bear to see President Obama leave office — so she's taking him with her wherever she goes.

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Ximena N. Larkin, 29, has become well-known on the streets of Chicago for carrying around a life-sized cardboard cutout of President Obama.

"I take [him] with me whenever I can," Larkin told InsideEdition.com. "He actually folds up so it's very travel friendly."

She said she purchased him during his first inauguration in 2009, inspired by what he stood for rather than his political stance.

"I was raised by a single mother, and to me, Barack Obama meant that possibilities exist," Larkin explained. "Things were possible, and dreams could really come true."

And, it's clear that as she brings the cut-out from the Chicago Marathon to a New York City coffee shop, onlookers agree.

"People get really excited about this Barack Obama cut out," she said, explaining that people often approach her, and tell her their own experiences relating to Obama's presidency. "He's gotten a lot of damage because people just want to hold him, and carry him, and hug him."

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When the presidential cut out Larkin purchased on Amazon for $40 is not on tour, he is propped up in her home office.

"I can't slack off," she joked. "He's kind of watching me."

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