911 Call Reveals Pilot Sped Up to Get Carrie Fisher Medical Attention After Heart Attack

The 911 call was released on the same day as one from Debbie Reynolds' house the day after Carrie Fisher died.

The 911 call made from a Los Angeles-bound flight after Carrie Fisher suffered a massive heart attack has been released, shedding new light on the situation before the Star Wars actress' shocking death.

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“One of our international flights coming in from London, it's about 10 minutes out,” a United Airlines employee tells the dispatcher.

The call reveals that the pilot actually sped up the plane in a desperate attempt to get Fisher the help she needed.

“What's the ETA? 12:28?” the dispatcher asks.

“No. It's making up time. It'll be on the ground in 10 minutes,” the employee replies.

The day after Fisher’s death on December 27, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, passed away in her home.

The 911 call from the Singin’ in the Rain star’s final moments has also been released.

The 911 call sheds an aura of confusion as the operator desperately tried to get information from Reynolds' assistant. Her son, Todd, was at the home with her, making arraignments for Fisher’s funeral.

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Mother and daughter lived side-by-side at a compound in Beverly Hills.

In a new documentary about their lives, Bright Lights, airing on HBO Saturday, audiences will get an intimate look at their loving relationship.

The compound was a hive of activity Thursday as family members and close friends gather to remember their lives.

Fisher’s half-sister Trisha told Inside Edition they'll be serving the When Harry Met Sally actress’ favorite food — fried chicken — as they share cherished memories of the mother and daughter. 

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