Man Caught on Camera Attempting to Rob Spy Gear Shop: 'Probably Not the Smartest Idea'

The owner of Spy Spot Investigations Spy Store in Deerfield Beach, Florida, uses a lot of surveillance cameras.

Police say an attempted burglar in Florida chose an odd target Wednesday morning: A spy shop that sells, of all things, surveillance equipment.

According to the manager of Spy Spot Investigations Spy Store in Deerfield Beach, the would-be burglar was, no shocker here, caught on camera.

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"One of the employees came into the store at 9 and the door was all cracked," manager Evan Tannenbaum told

Tannenbaum said suspect was caught on one of the surveillance specialty store's many cameras as he picked up a rock and headed straight for the store's front door.

"He threw it right at the door then looked at the camera," Tannenbaum said.

Tannenbaum, who's said he's never seen an attempted burglary in over six years at the store, said the suspect briefly ran after realizing he'd been recorded.

"He got nervous and ran," Tannenbaum said. Then, in spite of spotting the camera, he tried kicking in the door before running off for good.

In the end, Spy Spot, which the owners dub a "Full Service Private Investigative Agency that specializes in the best hidden cameras, GPS trackers, and home DVR systems," was not likely not the wisest target.

"There are even signs in the window that say you're being filmed," he said. "It was probably not a smart idea."

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Not surprisingly, Tannenbaum doesn't waiver when asked if the culprit will be caught.

"Definitely," he said. "We have him on camera."

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