Suspected Shoplifter Caught Outside Ikea With Frying Pan Stuffed Down Her Leggings: Cops

Instead of admitting to stealing the awkwardly shaped cookware clearly sticking out of her pants, Sierra Coleman, 28, didn't give up without a fight.

What "pan"-demonium! 

Sierra Coleman, 28, of Missouri, was arrested after Ikea security said they caught her leaving a St. Louis Ikea store with a frying pan poorly hidden inside her tight leggings.

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Instead of admitting to the awkwardly shaped cookware clearly sticking out of her pants, Coleman apparently didn't give up without a fight.

"It's a misdemeanor," she shouted in a video taken by an onlooker. "Only $30 dollars."

Coleman can also be seen in the video clutching onto the shirt front of a woman, who appears to work for the store, as another man working for the store is restraining her from behind.

"Break her finger if you have to," the man could be heard saying in the video after several minutes of struggle.

While attempting to break free from Coleman's grip, the female worker claimed she would be charged for assault: "She scratched me and bit someone else."

The female worker also insisted Coleman will be fined for the cost of her shirt.

Onlookers, including someone who appeared to be Coleman's friend, also shouted in the background that she is pregnant, and has young children in the car waiting for her.

After several minutes, Coleman eventually reached into her pants, pulls out the frying pan, and dropped it to the floor.

Without letting Coleman free, security guards could be seen in the video escorting the suspect back into the Ikea.

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The suspect was later charged with theft and assault in the third degree, according to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Coleman has not yet entered a plea and has an upcoming courtdate on January 17.

The video recording of the December 30 incident has since been taken down from social media sites.

Messages left for Ikea by has have not yet been returned.

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