Teen With Cerebral Palsy Overjoyed as Cashier Invites Him to Help Scan Groceries

"To me, it meant more than just him getting to scan a few items. It meant he's accepted, he's included," his mom said.

This California teen's day was made when a grocery store cashier invited him behind the register to help check out a few purchases.

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Andy Robinson, 14, of Temecula, sometimes has trouble doing things because of his cerebral palsy, but he loves lending a helping hand whenever he and his mother are at the store.

"When Andy and I go grocery shopping, he always wants to push the cart until it gets too heavy for him, and he gets a little upset," his mom, Jeanie Robinson, told InsideEdition.com. "At the checkout, he usually helps unless there's a line of people and we're kind of in a hurry, but he tries to do what he can."

Andy with his mom. (Courtesy Jeanie Robinson)

This time, their cashier at WinCo invited him behind the counter to try his hand at checking out a few items.

"She offered to have him come behind the register," Robinson said. "He was more than excited to bounce behind [the register] and couldn't contain his laughter."

Andy, who has a twin brother and two other siblings, could be seen in a video shared by his mother with the widest grin, as the cashier, Shaeleane, helped him scan some items.

Now the mom wants to thank the cashier for taking the time to make her son feel so special.

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"To me, it meant more than just him getting to scan a few items. It meant he's accepted, he's included, he receives attention for his smiles," Robinson said. "He's still over the moon about it."

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