Cards for Humanity: Boy, 10, Sells Baseball Card Collection to Raise Money for 2 Friends With Cancer

"I had a lot of baseball cards so I decided to start selling them to raise money for [them]," Brady Kahle said.

Few things are more valuable than a boy's baseball card collection, but when this Massachusetts 10-year-old heard two of his friends had cancer, he was more than happy to donate them to raise money for their treatment.

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"When I found out my friends were diagnosed with cancer, I had a lot of baseball cards so I decided to start selling them to raise money for [them]," Brady Kahle, 10, told

So far, Brady, of Springfield has made more than $13,000 selling baseball cards from his collection, with all the proceeds going toward medical bills for friends Landen Palatino, 9, and Ben Manzi, 7.

"I just wanted to help them as much as I can, so I thought that'd be a good idea," Brady told

Ben was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015, and Landen was diagnosed with a brain tumor just days later.

"I can't imagine ever having to deal with that as a mom," Brady's mom, Jessie Kahle, told

She explained she was discussing the boys' situation with her husband in private when Brady overheard. That's when he said he wanted to sell the cards from his collection.

Brady's grandfather introduced him to baseball cards, and he has been growing his collection since he was 3 years old, Jessie said.

The 10-year-old started his small business, named aptly Cards for a Cause, with a table at the Boys & Girls Club of Chicopee, and eventually grew to selling on eBay, and running his own booth at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

"For days, he was there selling, so that was really cool," Jessie said.

As Brady's card sales gained traction, his mom explained other card collectors and even organizations started donating hundreds of spare cards for him to sell, all for his two good friends, who's parents have been thankful for their generous contributions.

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"I feel really happy that I get to help them," Brady said.

And, for giving up his collection for a greater cause, trading company Upper Deck has even put the 10-year-old's face on his very own baseball card.

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