Newborn Twins Photographed in Final Moments Together Before One Dies

It was a miracle little William lived. Doctors told his mom he would be stillborn.

This baby only lived 11 days, but after his final moments were caught on camera, his parents will have photos to cherish for a lifetime.

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When Lyndsay Brentlinger of Toledo, Ohio, was 20 weeks pregnant with her twins, William and Reagan, she was devastated to learn one of them would be stillborn. Reagan developed typically in the womb, but doctors said William had heart abnormalities.

So it was a miracle when William was born alive with his sister on December 17, and was able to go home with his family — even though it was on hospice care.

"We did not know how long we had with Will when we took him home," mother Lyndsay Brentlinger told "We tried to take it one day at a time, and be grateful for the time God blessed us with Will."

Days before Christmas, the family contacted photographer Lindsey Brown to see if they could squeeze in a session, knowing William would not be with them long.

Although she had started turning clients away for the holidays, Brown knew she had to squeeze in a session with the family after hearing their story.

"It was bittersweet photographing the babies," Brown told "Just looking at little William, you would never know anything was wrong with him. They both looked absolutely perfect."

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Three days after the photos were taken, Little William passed away.

"The 11 days we had together with all of us as a family were some of the best of our lives," Brentlinger said. "We are doing our best to honor his memory now that he is gone."

The photographer said she hopes her images serve as a lasting reminder of the boy's life, which was cut way too short.

"I really think it's so important for the parents and siblings to have these forever memories," Brown said.

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