21 Chihuahuas Rescued From Poor Living Conditions in Los Angeles After Lisa Guerrero Investigates Tip

After receiving medical care, the dogs will be put up for adoption.

A pack of 21 chihuahuas living in poor conditions in a Los Angeles RV have been rescued with the help of Inside Edition Correspondent Lisa Guerrero. After Guerrero was tipped off to the disturbing scene by a source, she immediately went into investigation mode.

What she found at the scene was a woman overwhelmed by the dogs, who were living in filth. Several of the dogs inside were pregnant.

“How many dogs do you have in there? Because I saw a lot of them in there, and I was concerned. I was worried about the dogs,” Guerrero asked her.

Out of concern for the dogs and to help the woman, Guerrero called 911. The LAPD immediately responded. The woman agreed to hand over the dogs when she was assured none of them would be euthanized, which is why she says she didn’t call an animal shelter in the first place.

The next day, Guerrero returned with Ellen Ballon Dante and Lindsey Bird of Deity Animal Rescue. The RV owner was also brought some food and essentials. One by one, we were handed the cute pooches. For the first time in their lives, the terrified dogs experienced life outside the RV.

“The conditions we found these guys in was really a case of it getting out of control, of two dogs who were not spayed and neutered who multiplied,” Bird said.

“We are going to get them spayed and neutered, and we’re going to find them loving forever homes,” Ballon Dante said.

Now the dogs are getting the medical attention they desperately needed, and they will get a chance to live a happy and healthy life outside the RV.

If you have pets you can no longer care for, always bring them to your local shelter.