Penny Dreadful: Man Pays $3,000 in DMV Fees With 5 Wheelbarrows Filled With One Cent Pieces

Nick Stafford was in a bureaucratic wrangle with motor vehicle department for months.

A man took revenge on his local Department of Motor Vehicles by paying a hefty bill using five wheelbarrows filled with 300,000 pennies.

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Nick Stafford used the change to pay an auto sales tax bill for $2,987.45.

Employees at the DMV office in Lebanon, Virginia were forced to count each penny by hand to confirm they totaled the right amount, which they did.

"My bank had to have the pennies brought in on a big truck," Stafford explained to Inside Edition. "They had to special order those from, I guess, from the U.S. Mint.”

He said the pennies were payback for a dispute he'd been having with the DMV.

But it came at a price. Stafford, who runs a vinyl decal business, had to pay his employees $10 an hour to count the coins. It took them four hours to count it all.

“When we got the pennies from the bank they came rolled, so, instead of taking the pennies in rolls to the DMV, we paid 11 people to come with hammers to break up the penny rolls,” he said.

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He also had to purchase the wheelbarrows needed to carry the 1,600 pounds of pennies. But he said the extra expenses were worth it.

“Absolutely worth every penny of it,” he told Inside Edition. “It cost a lot to get the pennies down there but I think I proved my point and that in and of itself is priceless.”

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