Party of Three: Mom, Dad and Newborn All Share the Same Birthday

December 18 is one for the books with this family.

A husband and wife who share a birthday received an extra special present this year — a baby boy.

Against the odds, Luke and Hillary Gardner, and their newborn, Cade, will now have the triple birthday celebration on December 18 for years to come.

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“I’ve been joking and saying we all have an equal vote in this so we can outvote the kiddie stuff two out of three, but I imagine it will be the complete opposite,” Luke told

Luke said that instead, the family will probably be celebrating at the skating rink or Chuck E. Cheese from now on.

“It won’t be about us as much anymore,” Luke said. 

The couple wasn’t even thinking about the idea that their baby might be born on their joint birthday, but were happy that it ended up that way.

“She looked up on an app on her phone after we found out we were pregnant and it marked it December 15, but her doctor told us the due date was December 19,” Luke said. “We were so worried about when he was going to come and hoping it didn’t push into Christmas that we weren’t really thinking about our birthdays this year much.”

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Hilary and Luke first found out they shared a birthday and were even born in the same year, 1989, as friends in college and eventually wound up dating.

“We used to call ourselves the twins on campus,” Hillary said.  

And now they can call themselves the triplets.

“When it actually happened, it hit us, like wow this actually happened on our birthday,” said Luke.

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