Casting JonBenet: Girls Lining Up to Play Tragic Beauty Queen in New Netflix Documentary

The nation continues to be mesmerized by the sensational story.

The first clip of Netflix’s upcoming Casting JonBenet documentary has been released.

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In the clip, there are eight JonBenet Ramsey look-alikes in the infamous patriotic outfit the young girl wore prior to her 1996 death.

In the clip, the little girls are waiting their turn to audition for the role of the slain beauty queen in a Netflix documentary that will also premier at the Sundance Film Festival later this month.

The Netflix documentary is the latest re-telling of the Colorado murder, 20 years after JonBenet's unsolved murder.

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In the documentary, the filmmakers travel to the slain girl's hometown of Boulder, speaking to residents about their experiences and the "strange mythology that continues to surround the case," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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