Last-Itch Effort: Elephant Rubs Against an Anthill to Relieve a Scratch on Its Bottom

Ilza de Wet, who captured the scene on camera, said they watched the elephant rub its bum on the anthill, as if it were a rock, for about three minutes.

Looks like this elephant needed a little help reaching its itch.

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South African couple Ilza de Wet, 50, and her husband Johan de Wet, 53, were on vacation in the Kruger National Park when they caught the elephant using an enormous anthill to scratch an itch on its butt.

"We were in our vehicle, watching a large herd of elephants at Sable Dam," Ilza, of Centurion, told Caters News. "After they had left, this young bull remained and began scratching against an old anthill."

She said they had been watching the elephant rub its behind on the anthill, as if it were a rock, for about three minutes before they started recording.

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"I've never witnessed or captured anything like this before," she said. "I think it's unlikely we'll photograph something like this again."

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