2 Women Found to Have Each Other's Wedding Dresses for 3 Decades After Mix-Up

Shannon and Kim got in touch via Facebook after a local newspaper reported the story.

Kim Jones and Shannon McNamara had never met before, but each woman had the other’s wedding dress — and neither realized it until nearly three decades after they walked down the aisle.

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Jones, who now lives in Atlanta, made the discovery first, in 2012, and a local newspaper wrote a story about a woman who opened a package with her dry-cleaned wedding gown inside, only to realize it wasn’t her dress at all.

Fast-forward four years, when Shannon McNamara of Franklin, Tennessee, opened her professionally preserved bridal gown with her daughter Caroline and made a similar find.

“I was shocked and sad and wondered whose dress I had,” McNamara told Inside Edition.

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Turns out, both women used the same cleaner’s, and the cleaner had mixed up the ivory-colored, beaded gowns.

After connecting on Facebook, the two met in person to exchange dresses, with Jones making the three-and-a-half-hour drive from Atlanta.

The women ended up being new friends, having learned they grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same high school and got married within a month of each other.

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