Larry King Remembers Mary Tyler Moore: 'You See Everything About Her in That Smile'

"She was one of the great stars of American TV," King told Inside Edition.

The news of Mary Tyler Moore’s passing at 80 has sent shockwaves through Hollywood and one of her close friends, TV personality Larry King, is among those reflecting on their time together.

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Moore, who appeared regularly on King’s old CNN show, Larry King Live, passed away inside a Connecticut hospital Wednesday afternoon.

"She was one of the great stars of American TV," King told Inside Edition. “She was an extraordinary human being. You see everything about her in that smile – that was Mary on and off the air."

Moore, who cut her teeth on the Dick Van Dyke Show from 1961 to 1966, was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1936.

"She was an extraordinary person," King recalled. "What you see is what you get – Mary Tyler Moore had the full package."

The 83-year-old King, also a Brooklyn-born celebrity, said his friend was an “underrated actress. She could do comedy and be serious."

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He added that "she was one of a kind" and he will "miss her personality."

Moore is survived by her husband, Dr. Richard Levine, who was among family members with the legendary actress when she passed.

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