Couple Arrested After Overdosing in Car With 5-Year-Old and 18-Month-Old in Back Seat: Cops

Deputies allegedly discovered a loaded syringe next to a container of baby formula in the back seat.

A Florida couple was arrested after first responders found them overdosed in a car outside a gas station with two young children in the back seat of the vehicle.

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According to surveillance video provided by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department, a black SUV could be seen pulling up to a Texaco station last Thursday morning.

Cops said they were there for about two hours until fire trucks pulled up, responding to an overdose call.

They discovered William Ballard, 36, and Delaney Crissinger, 32, unconscious in the front seats, while two young children, 5 years old and 18 months old, were secured in car seats in the back, according to a police statement.

It is unclear whether they are the parents of the two children.

Crissinger was allegedly carrying a clear bag of methamphetamine when first responders arrived to the scene. Deputies reported that they later discovered fentanyl, heroin and more methamphetamine, and a loaded syringe next to a container of baby formula in the car.

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Both Crissinger and Ballard face charges of child neglect.

Crissinger additionally faces charges of methamphetamine possession and possession of narcotics equipment, while Ballard also faces charges of possession of heroin with intent to sell, possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell, and driving with a suspended license.

At their first court appearance, a judge set Ballard’s bond at $30,120 and Crissinger’s bond at $17,000.

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