From a Pool Noodle to a Rubber Band, the Parenting Hacks That Will Make You Mom and Dad of the Year

These everyday items could change everything you thought you knew about parenting.

Do your children like to draw on the walls? One parenting expert says she has the solution to prevent any unwanted art work in the home.

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Dawn Yanek of told Inside Edition that the secret to clean walls is to have your children color inside a box.

“For kids who like to color on the walls, a great idea is to direct them to something a little less permanent, like a cardboard box," she suggested. "In fact, you can put them inside the cardboard box and let them have at it. It is a great way to engage in creative play for hours,” she suggested.

And that's just one of the parenting hacks she recommends.

Sometimes children put up a fuss eating certain foods, like yogurt. Yanek explains that the simple act of putting a stick in the yogurt might change your child's opinion.

“Kids have an issue with the consistency sometimes. But a really easy thing to do is take one of these Popsicle sticks and put it right in the yogurt and stick it in the freezer. Then suddenly you have something that's like a Popsicle,” she said.

Brianne Manz is a mom of three who blogs for Stroller in the City. She says her parenting dilemma is kids slamming their fingers a door. It's a problem that can be solved with a pool noodle.

All you need to do is open it length wise and attach it to the side of the door.

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Do your kids use way too much soap to wash their hands? These savvy moms have a tip for that.

“Kids do not understand that less is more," Yanek said. "More is more and it's all over your bathroom.”

She suggests using a rubber band to help ration the amount of soap being dispensed.

“Loop the rubber band as many times as you can around the base," she said. "What you're doing is limiting the amount they can actually dispense."

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