Newlyweds Show Up to Reception in Cop Car After an Accident Ruined Their Vintage Ride

Georgia Garnett and her husband were driving to the reception in a 1930s vintage Rover when another car struck the side of the vehicle.

The show must go on!

When a U.K. bride and groom found themselves stranded after a car accident on the way to their reception, police officers responding to the scene were more than happy to give them a lift.

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Georgia Garnett of Lancashire told that she and her new husband, Emmott, were riding off into the sunset in their 1930s vintage Rover following the wedding ceremony when out of nowhere, another car hit them on the passenger side.

"Thankfully, no one was injured apart from a small bang to my head," she said.

They called the police, who handled the scene, but they soon realized their car was too damaged to drive away.

"We were left vehicle-less with 60 guests waiting for us to arrive at our reception," Georgia said. "We couldn’t [call] anyone as the location of our reception has no phone service."

That’s when the policeman came over, and offered the shaken couple a ride.

"At first, the guests thought we had gone for a scenic drive, but were starting to worry," she explained. "They were all shocked when a police car pulled up, let alone with us in it."

Wedding photographer Andrew Woodhouse, of A&K Photography, was among the guests waiting for the couples’ arrival at the reception when he was able to snap a quick picture of the Garnetts emerging from the police car before friends and family ran up to embrace them.

"All I can say is Emmott and Georgia were very calm under pressure," Woodhouse told "We thought that perhaps the vintage car had broken down, so it was a surprise to hear about the wedding car getting hit.”

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Georgia added that as soon as she was able to calm down from the accident, she and her husband, along with their 10-month-old son, were able to have a blast at the reception.

“We still had the most amazing reception party,” she said. “It couldn’t have gone better.”

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