New Details Emerge About Killer of Righteous Brothers Singer's Wife, Who Escaped Prison in 1982

Kenneth Eugene Troyer was a serial rapist and burglar.

Startling new details have emerged about the killer in the 41-year-old murder of a music legend's ex-wife.

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The Righteous Brothers’ Bill Medley said he was haunted by the brutal killing of his ex-wife Karen Klaas in 1976.

“It's something I had been waiting for, for 40 years, and then for someone to say, 'Ok, we got him.' It was earth-shaking," he told Inside Edition.

Police reopened the cold case in 2009 and focused on five new suspects.

Homicide detective Tom Harris said: “We had suspects we identified that we thought were really good. A couple of them gave us an alibi and we blew away the alibi — it didn't exist. They definitely had motive. “

But they were cleared by DNA found at the crime scene. Cops then tried the controversial technique of familial DNA, which searches a database for genetic matches to the relative of the killer.

That led them to Kenneth Eugene Troyer, a serial rapist and burglar.

Bill Medley, his son, Darrin, and his slain ex-wife’s other son, Damien, were all there when police announced they had solved the case.

“I'm grateful, very grateful to everybody who stayed in it to win it,” Medley said during Monday’s press conference when police announced the killer's identity.

In 1982, Troyer escaped from prison where he was serving time for burglary. While on the lam, he raped another woman and stole her car.

Six weeks after his prison escape, Troyer was cornered by cops. A three-mile car chase followed that ended when he lost control of the stolen car and hit a tree.

As he climbed out of the wreck, he was shot nine times and died after he appeared to be reaching for a weapon. A 24-year-old female companion survived.

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"The place he was shot was about half a mile from my mom's headstone where she was buried," Darrin Medley told Inside Edition. "For me it's like, this is crazy, amazing."

Police believe Troyer chose Klaas at random.

“You hope it's not someone you know there is a lot of relief with that that it's not connected with anybody you know," Damien told Inside Edition.

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