From Condoms to Bugs and Dried-Up Stains, the Filth Lurking in Some High-Priced Super Bowl Hotel Rooms

Bug infestations were found at a few Houston-area hotels ahead of the big game.

Disgusting stains, condom wrappers, and bugs were discovered at some Houston hotels that are charging big bucks for the Super Bowl.

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Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero checked into some Houston hotels that are normally inexpensive but have inflated their rates for the the Super Bowl. 

She first checked into the Super 8 in the Brookhollow neighborhood, which typically charges $70 per night. But for the big game, rates shot up to $390 a night.

Upon entering the room, she quickly found all kinds of problems, ranging from stained sheets, dead bugs, and a condom wrapper behind the bed.

“I don't know what this stain is but this is disgusting on the sheet that you're actually going to be touching with your body,” she said.

On the back of a chair in the same room, she discovered something that appeared to be dried up vomit.

In addition, the room’s smoke detector was wrapped in plastic.

Guerrero called the manager and spoke to him about the problems. While he didn't enter the room to answer for the bugs and stains, he claimed he didn't put anything on the smoke detector.

Super 8 said in a statement that what we found at that Houston location is not reflective of their brand and they have reached out to the owner of that franchise to address the problems.

Guerrero then went to the nearby InTown Suites. Normally it would cost $60 to book a room for the night, but the night before the Super Bowl? “$299,” the clerk quoted Guerrero. “Plus tax.”

The room seemed fine at first, but upon closer inspection, it was found to be bug-infested, with countless dead insects in the nooks and crannies. She even found one in the sheets. And they weren’t all dead.

Guerrero found one crawling across the carpet during her inspection.

It didn't take long to find the possible source of the infestation. “This air conditioning unit is broken and goes right through to the outside,” Guerrero said.

When a hotel representative arrived, she did not want to talk to Guerrero after she revealed who she was.

"I think you guys need to know there's bugs all over this room," Guerrero said. "You're going to be charging hundreds of dollars for the Super Bowl and there's a bug infestation in this room."

InTown Suites later sent Inside Edition a statement saying they take pest control seriously and the room Guerrero inspected has been closed until it has met their standard of quality.

But perhaps the most disgusting place Guerrero discovered was The Frontier Inn, which typically charges $70 a night. For the week of the Super Bowl, the price had been jacked up to more than $700.

Guerrero discovered mold in the cabinets. She also found a dead bedbug in the room.

She discovered mold, dead bugs, a condom in its wrapper and windows so filthy you couldn’t see through them.

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The manager patiently took notes as Guerrero pointed out the myriad of gross stuff she found. 

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