Britney Spears Superfan Spends More Than $80,000 in Cosmetic Procedures to Look Like His Idol

"She was just the biggest star in the world, and I just gravitated toward her so much," said Bryan Ray, who started idolizing her when he was 17.

It's Britney, b****... or is it?

It took more than $80,000 and 90 cosmetic procedures, but this Britney Spears superfan from Los Angeles is committed to looking like his idol.

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Meet Bryan Ray, 31, who dedicated his money, his looks and his life to looking like the pop princess.

He said it all started when he was 17, and Britney Spears was at the height of her career.

"She was just the biggest star in the world, and I just gravitated toward her so much," Ray told "It was also the time where she was exploring her own sexuality, and she was getting some flak for it, but she was doing her own thing, and I really looked up to that."

When Ray went for his first procedure to get veneers, his orthodontist asked who he wanted them modeled after, and he answered, "Britney Spears."

"I had no idea going into it how I would feel," Ray explained. "After the procedure was done, it was just a complete transformation."

Ray said he has received at least 90 procedures since then, including regular Botox treatments, fillers, laser hair removal, lip injections, and a rhinoplasty when he was 21, according to Caters News.

His beauty routine also comprises of countless skin care treatments, including avoiding the sun at all costs to keep his skin looking young.

In addition to having gone to every single Britney Spears tour — including a small show at the House of Blues in L.A. in 2007 — Ray has learned the dance choreography to every single one of her songs, which he performs while impersonating the pop star.

The superfan said he's even met his idol three times, including once during her 2006 break down.

"It was really sad to see her in that state," Ray explained. "She was speaking in a British accent, she was talking a mile a minute. It definitely wasn't the same Britney — this was a really different experience."

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But, he explained the way she handled that part of her life only inspired him more.

"She started off so young, and she was this sort of unattainable star," Ray said. "She had personal problems, which we all do, and she was able to come back from that. It's such a testament to her character."

Recently, Ray was noticed for his unique looks and was recruited to be part of reality show Plastics of Hollywood that followed him through his budding career as a model.

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