Simone Biles Plays Football With True American Heroes, The Wounded Warriors

'We've been through a lot and are finding that brotherhood again,' one Wounded Warrior told Inside Edition.

Simone Biles has been working on her football skills and is getting a big boost from some American heroes.

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Inside Edition's special Super Bowl correspondent caught up with the Wounded Warriors this week as they took on a team of former NFL and college players in a very special game ahead of Super Bowl Sunday.

One of the participants, Kirstie Ennis, lost a leg when her helicopter was shot down over Afghanistan in 2012.

"We’ve been through a lot and are finding that brotherhood again," she told Inside Edition.

Michael Smith, the first amputee to return to active service, added: "We've all protected and served. We've been knocked down but it’s not over."

Ennis and Smith took on a gridiron alumni team consisting of former quarterback Michael Vick and other players from the Houston Oilers, Dallas Cowboys, Texas A&M, UNLV and the University of Houston.

Biles also got a chance to meet fellow Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton at the Wounded Warriors event.

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"Being out here, the atmosphere is electric," Retton said. "People in the sports world they call you a hero. These guys are the heroes!"

Biles called her day with the Wounded Warriors "a humbling experience."

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