Meet the Ripped Guy Who Eats Just One 4,000-Calorie Meal Every Day

'I have a bigger caloric budget then most fat kids dream of while remaining lean and healthy,' he told

A New Jersey fitness guru has taken his odd dieting technique to the masses by posting the single 4,000-calorie meal he eats each day on Instagram.

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Blake Horton, 34, who eats just one meal a day, noshes on items like a giant McGriddle, a tray of ice cream sandwiches and a massive platter of pork lo mein and egg rolls, rather than the traditional health conscious meals of steamed vegetables, brown rice and grilled chicken that most gym buffs prefer.

"I consume all my macro and micro nutrients in one meal a day," he told "The shorter period of time you spend eating daily, the less hungry you get and the more enjoyable your meals can be."

While he refrains from traditional gym exercises like bicep curls, Horton instead enjoys calisthenics, martial arts, and biking to stay fit.

He also does intermittent fasting so he saves up all of his daily calories and eats the massive quantity of food once a day.

"I have a bigger caloric budget then most fat kids dream of while remaining lean and healthy. I eat when I'm done with everything I've needed to do for the day and can truly relax and enjoy it," he said.

He told he has been fasting for nearly four years and started getting serious about conditioning his body and losing weight after he turned 30.

Horton said: “I lost 60 pounds after turning 30 years old through calorie counting, starting with small meals spread out throughout the day. About halfway through, I eventually grew so tired of eating small meals, being hungry all the time and watching the clock waiting to eat again, and no longer having a social life."

He says he goes to the doctor regularly and "everything is in the proper ranges." He claims he gets the proper intake of carbs, fat, protein, fiber and potassium from his single colossal meal.

“I do track my energy expenditure and eat accordingly. So I only consume what I've previously burned,” he said. “I never get hungry anymore, not even when I eat."

He lives with his girlfriend, who doesn’t eat like he does but is happy to help film his nightly Instagram videos.

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“To the people who say it's not healthy, I can care less,” he declared. “Most people have a little understanding of nutrition.

"They are also close-minded and would rather believe that I'm unhealthy than come to find out that I'm probably much healthier than they are while eating much more enjoyable meals."

After he has his one large meal, he then heads to bed and lets nature run its course to break down the food in his system.

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