After Super Bowl Ads Get Political, Demands Grow for Boycotts on Some American Brands

Coca-Cola, Budweiser, and 84 Lumber took on the themes of diversity and immigration with their ads.

Boycotts have been called for on some brands after their politically charged Super Bowl ads aired Sunday night.

Ads by Coca-Cola, Budweiser, and 84 Lumber in particular were targeted based on their implied jabs at Donald Trump's controversial immigration policy. 

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A spot for Coke showed people around the country singing “America the Beautiful” in different languages. The commercial originally aired at the Super Bowl in 2014 and replayed at the Rio Olympics in the summer.

In the ad, people sing the song in English, before transitioning to Hindi, Arabic and Tagalog versions.

There was outrage when it first aired three years ago, and it appears that history has repeated itself, as the hashtag #BoycottCoke became a trending topic Sunday night.

"AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES WITH FOREIGNERS. Take your globalism elsewhere.#SuperBowl," read one tweet.

Another post was” “#superbowl17 #Coke. #boycottcoke What happened to English being the language of America!”

A Budweiser ad showed the company was co-founded by an immigrant from Germany who faced hardship and discrimination when he arrived in America.

The hashtag “BoycottBudweiser” also became a trending topic.

Hardware supply company 84 Lumber showed a Mexican mother and daughter walking across the dessert with other immigrants as they try to make their way to America.

Along the way, the little girl collected items and made an American flag as a symbol of hope when they arrive to the Mexico-U.S. border only to be met by a massive wall.

As they walk a little further along the wall, the mother and daughter discover a giant door that welcomes them in.

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There are calls for a boycott of the products. But others are praising the message of diversity.

A powerful message from #84Lumber. America will always be a nation that opens its doors. That's who we are.

February 6, 2017

Hey #84lumber: Cost to taxpayers each illegal alien: $35K per year. Put that in your lumber yard. See how many illegals buy your wood. Adios

February 6, 2017

If @84LumberNews is closed when you get there but you see an opening in their fence, just go through and take whatever you need. #84lumber

February 6, 2017

Why is it so problematic that #Budweiser #Audi #84Lumber #AirBNB & #Coke tried to highlight the foundation of our brilliant nation?

February 6, 2017

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