Shoplifter Made Decoy Baby Out of Bra in Attempt to Steal Goods: Police

She was caught by store staff.

Police arrested a shoplifter after she made a makeshift “baby” out of a toy dog and a bra in a creative move to steal from a discount store in England. 

Saffron Curtiss-McGinty, 18, reportedly hatched a plan to stash stolen goods under the "child's" stroller, police said. 

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Suspicious staff at B&M Bargains stopped her on January 27 and found scented candles, sweets and an electric toothbrush hidden inside the stroller.

“She won’t be winning any awards for her artwork that’s for sure... I guess her baby portrait could be politely described as ‘abstract,” Solihull Police Chief Inspector Jack Hadley said.

Curtiss-McGinty was charged with theft and assault after police said she allegedly slapped a store manager across the face.

She reportedly later admitted two counts of shoplifting, having also been caught on CCTV stealing from the same store the previous day, and assault by beating.

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She was given a 12-month community order — including attendance on a rehabilitation course — and ordered to pay compensation and court costs, police said.

"We have known thieves try to use a child’s buggy before to conceal stolen items — it’s a tactic police and retailers are well aware of — but I’ve never come across a case of anyone making their own child," Hadley said.

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