Disturbing 911 Calls From Mischa Barton's Meltdown Revealed: 'She Keeps On Saying She Wants to Die'

In one of the calls, Barton can be heard screaming in the background.

Emergency calls placed by Mischa Barton’s concerned West Hollywood neighbors during her meltdown last month paint a pressing picture of The OC actress' scary ordeal.

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In one call, a man can be heard telling the 911 dispatcher: “I have a neighbor who's on her back patio just screaming. She's saying that it's all over, that everything is done, and then just wailing."

In video of the incident obtained by TMZ, Barton can be heard yelling and cursing. At the end of the clip, she falls over.

"She keeps on saying, ‘I just want to die,' another 911 caller says. "And then she's like, "I'm gonna kill myself.' I'm very concerned.”

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Following the release of the TMZ footage, Barton said in a statement that she believes she was slipped “a date rape drug" known as GHB during her 31st birthday. 

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