'Sasquatch' Lurks Behind Meteorologist During Live Snowstorm Report

Meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei was reporting on the Thursday snowstorm when the mossy green figure appeared on camera behind her.

While many Sasquatch sightings have been reported in history, this may be the first time he was caught on camera in all his cannabis paraphernalia.  

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During a Massachusetts live weather broadcast for WWLP on Thursday's snowstorm, a mossy green figure witnesses identified as a Sasquatch appeared in the background of meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei’s report.

It also appeared to be covered in marijuana leaves.

Pagliei was live in Springfield reporting on the weather when the “Sasquatch” appeared from the right of the screen, trudging through heavy snow. She originally didn’t notice, but couldn’t contain her laughter when she caught a glimpse of the figure.

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The cameraman soon panned away from the creature, but it could later be seen again on screen, ducking behind trash bags, in what appeared to be an attempt at hiding its identity.

“You never know what might happen during live television,” WWLP wrote on their website.

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