'I Don't Regret Killing My Mother': The Shocking Confession of Bali Suitcase Killer Heather Mack

She also revealed that she tricked her boyfriend into taking part in the murder.

The American heiress who murdered her wealthy mother during a 2014 vacation in Bali has confessed to the heinous crime.

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“I don't regret killing my mother, and as evil as that may sound, that's my reality,” she said in a shocking YouTube video posted on February 2.

Heather Mack, 21, says she beat her mom to death and stuffed her body in a suitcase.

“When I was 10, my mother killed my father in a hotel in Athens, Greece,” she claimed. “I made it up in my heart in my mind, my soul, in my blood, in the oxygen running through my body that I wanted to kill my mother.”

Her stunning confession raises questions about whether she is making up the story to justify her crime.

Family friend Elliot Jacobson told Inside Edition that the young woman’s claims are nonsense.

"It's the kind of statement that doesn't even warrant a response, it's such an absurdity," he said.

Jacobson showed Inside Edition the death certificate for Heather's father, James Mack. It gives the cause of death as pulmonary embolism — a blood clot in the lungs.

He believes she is lying about the death of her father because “Heather was never easy to figure out."

He added: "I just think she's unhinged. I also think in this video she's under some kind of opiate heroin or cocaine.”

Heather also claims in the video confession that she tricked her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, into taking part in her mom's murder. He's now serving an 18-year prison sentence.

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“I regret trapping an innocent person into this because it was my battle, my mother, it was my father,” she said.

Heather was pregnant when she committed the murder. She gave birth to a daughter, Stella, and has been raising her in prison.

Heather later told authorities her video was coerced. 

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