Man Returns Library Book More Than 75 Years After His Late Father Checked It Out as a Boy

The Osterhout Free Library waived the $554 fee.

A Pennsylvania man risked paying a $554 fine when he returned a library book his father checked out more than 75 years ago.

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Robert Lockman, Jr. of Wilkes-Barre said he was going through his late father’s basement in his Shavertown home when he stumbled upon some old children’s books, WNEP reported.

That’s when he discovered the book, “Val Rides the Oregon Trail” by Sanford Tousey, which was supposed to be returned to the Osterhout Free Library by December 2, 1941.

“My first thought was, ‘I wonder if they’re going to want the fine,’” Lockman joked.

His dad Robert Lockman, Sr., who passed away in 2013, was only 9 years old at the time of checking the book out.

But Lockman said he believed his father had meant to return it and probably forgot since the attack on Pearl Harbor happened just five days later.

“Some things become more important,” he said.

After 76 years, Lockman faced paying a fine of more than $550 but he decided to take it back to the library anyway.

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Luckily, the Osterhout Free Library waived the fee.

“We never charge over the price of the book,” librarian Elaine Stefanko joked, confirming the book was returned in good condition.

The library said they now plan to place the book on display because of its unique story.

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