Donald Trump-Inspired Wigs are in 'Yuge' Demand and Some Stores Can't Keep Up

The president has become the subject of many Carnival costumes and floats in Europe.

As Carnival season officially begins across Europe, so many people want to dress up as Donald Trump that shop owners can’t keep up with an unprecedented demand for wigs inspired by the president.

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In Pfaffstaetten, Austria, store owner Manuela Plank has taken “emergency measures” to meet the wig demands.

She has made the wigs using the regular blonde ones that she then coats with a generous amount of hairspray. From there, she molds the toupee into Trump’s signature coiffure.

Plank told the Associated Press that the popularity of Trump’s look is because is due simply to his own popularity worldwide, "and because everybody knows him and his hairstyle is very distinctive."

She added that the wigs “take a lot of time” because “you have to do a lot of back-coming. But you can get it done.”

The town in the south of Austria has just 3,500 people and Carnival runs until early March, which is why she is stepping up production on blonde wigs for Trump costumes.

Initially, Plank thought she was prepared for the Carnival season because she had 10 wigs in stock, but was forced to make more after the inquiries kept coming.

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Trump has become a major subject for Carnival 2017. A massive float of the 45th American president’s head was erected at a parade in Tuscany, Italy, over the weekend.

He has also been the subject of Carnival floats in France and Germany.

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