Sarah Jessica Parker Joins Dozens of Other Former 'Annies' to Celebrate Musical's 40th Anniversary

The women shared their memories about how the experience changed their lives.

For the first time, dozens of actresses who have starred as Annie gathered on stage to celebrate the musical's 40th anniversary.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who played the titular character in one of her first acting jobs in 1979, and Andrea McArdle, the original Annie from the 1977 Broadway production, attended Inside Edition's special event.

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In an exclusive that will air Wednesday, the women shared their memories of how the experience of playing the red-headed orphan impacted their lives.

“When you’re so impressionable, in those formative years, it’s such an amazing thing as a person,” McArdle recalled.

Parker, who was just 14 when she took on the role, said that when she saw McArdle star in the musical on Broadway, she never imagined she'd be a part of the show just a few years later.

“[I] watched Andrea and assumed I would never be in Annie. I would certainly never play Annie, and I wouldn’t be part of this sort of magical phenomenon that washed over Broadway,” she said.

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They were joined at the one-of-a-kind reunion by actresses who'd played onscreen Annies. Taylor Richardson, the last girl to play Annie on Broadway before it closed in 2014, was also in attendance.

The women sang some of the musical’s iconic songs, including, “It’s A Hard Knock Life” and “Tomorrow.”

To see their performances and to hear their stories, watch Inside Edition on Wednesday. Check here for local listings.

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