Driver Whose Cadillac Plunged Through the Ice Reunites With Man Who Pulled it Out

Luckily, the driver of the Cadillac Escalade escaped with his life.

A Cadillac Escalade was towing an ice fishing hut on frozen Lake Michigan when it suddenly fell through the ice and sank on Saturday.

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Fortunately driver Dan Hill was able to get out in time.

The car was later winched out of the water by Don Herman, who runs a local salvage company.

"I've never pulled out a Cadillac Escalade," he told Inside Edition. "That was a first."

Hill recalled watching his beloved vehicle sink into the water.

"You watch your poor truck sinking like that and you just want to grab onto it and hold it up," he said. "But it's 6,000 pounds, you ain't going to be able to hold it on the ice."

It was not the only harrowing rescue over the weekend in Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe, California, as a snowboarder found himself buried in snow following a 30-foot fall.

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Snowboarder Mac Jacobsen was trapped under a massive pile of snow, but was miraculously left with just enough space for him to gasp for air.

His companions frantically dug him out by hand and pulled him free.

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