Fuzzy, Furry Calf Has Internet Swooning and Swearing Off Meat

How you doing now, fuzzy cow?

The internet appears to have fallen in love with a fluffy, baby cow.

Video of a newborn Scottish highland calf, posted by a New Hampshire farm, has generated 12 million views, more than 160,000 likes and more than 70,890 comments.

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Most of the latter are of the besotted kind, with posters declaring “I need!” “I want!” and “Love that cow!”

The rust-colored calf, with his breed’s distinctive double coat, also prompted messages from people so taken with his bovine beauty they questioned eating meat.

“Vegan now?” wrote one admirer.

Yankee Farmer’s Market, which raises free-range cattle, chicken and pigs, was a bit taken aback by all the attention, according to its Facebook site.

“So who knew that our little farm and highland calf would be viewed worldwide?” reads a post on the page, accompanied by a video of the baby beast, mooing as its fur is being blow-dried.

He was born during a snow storm, and was soaking wet upon arrival, so farm employees brought the calf inside and used a hair dryer to warm him up and to get the damp out of his coat.

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His name is Pitcher Mountain Diego.

The popular video also sparked some animosity from vegans and vegetarians.

“Why are you posting videos of cute baby animals when you’re going to kill them and sell them as food?” wrote a woman from Britain. “There’s something really twisted about that.”

But owners Brian and Keira Farmer said they raise animals ethically and don’t slaughter them on site.

The calf has been returned to his mother, and is thriving on the farm, where he may be kept for breeding purposes, Brian told the Concord Monitor.

"I’m not sure how you get that much negativity out of a picture of a baby cow," he told the newspaper on Tuesday.

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