Frito the Sharp-Dressed Dog Reunites With Siblings After Searching for Them on Facebook

"I don't think they remembered each other, but they did get along great," Corrie Gemmiti, Frito's owner, told

It was an unlikely family gathering as Frito, a dog adopted more than a year ago, was reunited with five of his canine siblings from the same litter.

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“I don’t think they remembered each other, but they did get along great," Corrie Gemmiti, Frito’s owner, told

Last month, Frito went viral after Gemmiti posted a picture of her sharply dressed pup alongside a message that explained he would like to look for his biological siblings that he bonded with at his foster home before his adoption in October 2015.

Before long, the Texas Humane Heroes, who facilitated their adoption, was able to track down five of his six siblings — Domino, Snow, Raven, Cali and Buddy — and invite them to a party over the weekend.

“The dogs played fetch and ran around together getting to know each other all over again,” Gemmiti said. “They were all a little timid at first, but it didn’t take too long for them to warm up to each other and play.”

Even their mom, Patty, came for an afternoon of fun with her puppies, now all grown up.

“She was definitely the star of the show. She was very outgoing and full of little tricks,” Gemmiti said. “Frito resembled her the most with the same hair texture and coloring.”

Gemmiti said she hopes the puppy play date can become a tradition for the clan since even the dog owners had fun at the event while learning about the personalities of the other dogs in the litter.

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"Even though the reunion is over, I’m hoping [the sixth puppy Aspen’s] owners will come across the post and reach out," Gemmiti said. "She looked most like Frito as a puppy, so I really wanted to see what she looks like now."

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