Giraffe Kicks Around a Soccer Ball at the Zoo: 'It's a Great Way for Him to Expel Energy'

"A giraffe would kick out in the wild, because that's their basic form of defense," trainer Jackie O'Donnell told

He shoots, he scores!

Jasiri, a 5-year-old giraffe at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona, has been spotted practicing his soccer skills on the field.

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According to a trainer at the zoo, they often give animals different enrichment tools, like a soccer ball, to mimic their actions in the wild.

“A giraffe would kick out in the wild, because that’s their basic form of defense,” trainer Jackie O’Donnell told “They don’t have any predators in the zoo, but it’s a great way for him to expel energy in a natural way.”

Jasiri is one of three giraffes at the Reid Park Zoo.

Also in his herd are Eleanor, an 18-year-old female giraffe, and Denver, who is 28 and considered a senior.

"[Jasiri] has a lot of energy, and he likes to interact a lot with the females," O’Donnell said. "We have a lot of older females who don’t like to be as active, so this is a way for him to expel some of that extra energy without chasing the females all the time."

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And, if he needs some company, rumor has it some lions cubs a few dens down enjoy a friendly soccer match as well.

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