Relationship Goals: Wife Presents Husband With Cute Award on Oscars Night

And the award for "Best Husband" goes to...

And the award for best husband goes to...

As Trisha Brown and her family watched celebrities strut down the red carpet at the Oscars Sunday night, she came up with the idea to present an award to her husband, Raymond Brown.

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First, he needed to look the part.

"She ran upstairs and got my dad's suit, hair gel, and my little brother’s old small bow tie," Regine Brown, 18, the couple’s daughter, told "She ran down the stairs with everything in her hand and some things falling out of her hands,”

“When she got downstairs, my whole family just laughed and was shocked at the fact that she is taking this so serious. It was honestly so cute!”

Trisha presented Raymond with the "Oscar" that read "Best Husband." She bought the award during a trip to Hollywood three years ago.

My mom made my dad dress up and presented him with the "Best Husband" Oscar ?
I want to be this extra as a wife ??

— coolie gyal ✨⛽️ (@Reggae_Beauty) February 27, 2017

Raymond donned his tuxedo top and basketball shorts and even gave an acceptance speech in the living room.

“My dad laughed at first," Regine told "After the excitement he loved and appreciated it."

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The Florida couple has been married for 25 years and Regine said they have always been smitten.

"My parents have always been romantic, fun, keep the relationship alive, happy couple,” she said. “It was so cute. They are my relationship goals and are an example of what true love is and how it is still alive. I loved it."

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